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The weekend before last we went to the Essex Young Farmers' Country show just outside of Roxwell, Essex. Myself, my partner M, our girls, his sister and her family came.

I'd never been to this particular event, but had been to many country shows so was quite intrigued to see how it would differ from the other country shows in the area over the summer. 

Before we went I tweeted the Essex Young Farmers' who were organising the event to check that it was a dog friendly affair. It might seem like a given that dogs are allowed at a country show, but you'd be surprised at the amount of events which are aimed at country living, or pets that do not allow dogs, so I find it's always best to double check.

I was pleasantly surprised by the scale of the event. It was much larger than anticipated, with a variety of stands from car sales to the usual arts and crafts. It would have been nice to have seen more stalls selling brands like Barbour and Joules (any opportunity to go shopping). There were plenty of things to keep the little ones busy, such as bouncy castles and fair ground rides.

There were events in the main arena at intervals throughout the day such as motocross, falconry (a particular hit with Indigo and Mouse), and lawn mower racing for the adults. We didn't really stop and watch as there were plenty of stalls to get through before we sat down for a picnic. 

I was really impressed by the choice of food on offer, normally these events don't have a great deal of variety, but there was freshly made lemonade (my favourite of the day), wood fired pizza, strawberries and cream, sweet and savoury crepes, and much much more! There was definitely something for everyone. It took me a while to decide what to eat, I really struggle making decisions like that most of the time. I managed to take a really nice photo of Indigo next to M's niece's pushchair while we were eating. 

After lunch we went to see a stand with some little pigs who were incredibly friendly, even to Indigo. I think she was very happy to meet a real life pig for the very first time. Mouse wasn't fussed about the pigs, I held her for most of the day because it was such a busy event I was concerned about her getting under people's feet - small dog problems!

We stayed for around three hours before heading home, as it was such a lovely warm day, we were all worn out.