The weekend before last we went to the pretty little seaside town of Shoreham, near Brighton to meet other Shih Tzu owners and their dogs. It was organised by a couple of fellow Shih Tzu owners from a group we belong to, and House of Hugo where the meet was held.

House of Hugo is a luxury hotel for dogs with doggy daycare, grooming, a doggy gym, its own reality TV show, hydrotherapy pool, and branded merchandise. You could say it's a pretty big deal around here!

It was the first ever breed themed meet at House of Hugo, and everybody was incredibly welcoming and friendly towards us and our dogs. 

Once in the building (which by the way is huge), we were given a tour of the bedrooms which was what I was most looking forward to. Whenever I go on holiday I leave the girls with my mum, which is great, but means if I want a couple of days away with her then I'm stuck with who to leave the dogs with, as M is away all week with work. What I have done in the past is have my friend (who just happens to be their hair stylist dog groomer) kindly house sit for me, as I know they're being well looked after and are happy spending time with her. So understandably I was keen to see the rooms and facilities.

Each room has a different theme, and is equipped with a TV which is a nice touch. Care and attention has been made to ensure guests are comfortable and entertained during their stay, and I must say that most of the bedrooms look like regular human rooms you could stay in. Of course the floor is hard concrete, so there are no 'doggy' smells, and the bed is rather comfortable, or at least my two thought so!
How cute are the beach hut dog beds? They're such a good idea for multiple dogs, I so want one of these at home!

Aside from having a tour of the hotel we also took Indigo and Molly for a dip in the hydrotherapy pool, as they had never been swimming before, and then took them around the indoor agility course in the doggy gym. There was also a dog show and raffle later in the day, with some great House of Hugo prizes, followed by lunch in the main hall. However it was the hottest day of the year, so we missed this in favour of getting some fresh air. 

If you'd like some more information about House of Hugo, you can do so by contacting them via their website which can be found by clicking here.