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I have been using Kerastase for a few years now, having ditched drugstore products in favour of this luxe feel salon brand. My hair is fairly long, straight, naturally mousey blonde and fine. I don't abuse my hair much, partly because I enjoy taking care of it, and partly because I'm useless at styling it. I haven't straightened my hair for nearly a year (queue the applause), and went without colouring it for two years...let me tell you my highlights grew out beautifully! 
I've been on both sides of the fence - with those of you who can get away with zero maintenance, and with those of you who regularly colour your hair. I can sympathise with you both. 

As you can see from my photos my collection is quite varied in terms of hair needs, as I find my hair quite sensitive to seasonal changes. I use most of these shampoos on rotation, apart from the Elixir Ultime because I adore the scent but unfortunately it weighs my hair down.
Kerastase shampoo conditioner hair mask, pet blogger, indigo and mouse, essex blogger
My favourite shampoo of the bunch is Bain Therapiste, which is designed for damaged hair and protects it from friction. It has a jelly like texture which takes a bit of getting used to, but smells like DKNY Be Delicious perfume, so I can deal with that. 

There's only one conditioner in my collection which is the Fondant Nutri-Thermique, a thermo-reactive conditioner that works well to add much needed moisture to the ends of my hair. You only need a small amount as with all Kerastase products, and the real magic happens during blowdrying when the formula reacts to the heat of your hairdryer, leaving you with moisturised nourished hair. 

Although I love Kerastase products, now that my hair is coloured again (take a look at my stylists amazing work here) I feel like I need something a bit more delicate to protect the colour from fading, without being too heavy especially during the summer months. After being loyal to Kerastase for a few years maybe now it's time for a change. I'd love to hear your recommendations. Tweet me, email me, or just take a moment to appreciate how cute my dogs are, they have great hair too.
indigo and mouse, pet blogger, beauty blogger, Kerastase shampoo conditioner

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