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Chemical exfoliators have been popping up everywhere over the past few years as a gentler, yet more effective alternative to manual scrubs. This is due to their ability to exfoliate beyond the outermost layer of skin, providing more effective exfoliation without the friction and tugging that manual exfoliation causes.

In short there are two types of acid used for chemical exfoliation; alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA, and beta hydroxy acid, or BHA. Although the word acid sounds intimidating, these are naturally occurring acids and therefore very gentle if used accordingly. Common forms of AHA's are glycolic which is derived from sugar cane, and lactic acid which is found in milk. The most common form of BHA's are salicylic acid which is commonly derived from willow bark. 

How to decide which one is for you? AHA's are best suited to people with dry skin for their ability to gently peel away the top layers of skin, revealing a brighter complexion. They're also a great choice for anyone looking to target fine lines and reduce hyper pigmentation from sun damage. Whereas BHA's are best suited to people with oily or acne prone skin, as they penetrate through the top layers of skin to unclog pores and reduce inflammation. If you have combination skin like me, you can use both to produce the results you need.

I have been using Paula's Choice 10% AHA weekly resurfacing treatment for the past six months. It retails at £31.50 for 60ml, and while I have been incredibly happy with the results (brightened complexion, dry skin gone) I begrudge paying that much for such a minuscule amount of product, which is why I haven't repurchased.

Enter Alpha H Liquid Gold, a glycolic overnight treatment which has received cult beauty status amongst the beauty world, including the likes of Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends who has listed this as part of her 'desert island beauty' products. Bold statement! I have been dying to try this since my Paula's Choice treatment ran out, and what better time than when it's on offer.

Alpha H Liquid Gold normally retails at £33.50 for a 100ml bottle, but at the moment you can grab two bottles for the price of one at Beauty Bay by clicking here. It comes in a white box and an eye-catching gold bottle with lid. Inside the lid there is an additional cap, making it very travel friendly.

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I have been using this three times a week for the past month, applying it to clean dry skin before bed and by morning my dry skin has melted away, revealing brighter, fresher skin. I find it can sometimes sting for a few seconds when first applied, which is something I actually quite like, as I know it's working. Compared with the AHA I was previously using, it delivers the same results but packs in more product for your money, which is why it's a winner.

The bottom line is that this product has cult status for a reason; it works. If you'd like to know more about the brand and be introduced to their other products, click here.